I am Ben Heartland, an upright and electric bassist, musical collaborator and music educator. I’m based in London and work throughout the UK and internationally.

Thanks to a good ear and experience in a wide range of styles I get to move between blues, funk, rock, jazz, classical and crossover music, and work with great musicians in many different genres, which is just the way I like it. Though the music and the mood are different for each gig the satisfaction comes from the same place – feeling the energy and love created on stage and watching it flow into the audience.

Passing on the craft

I believe that a musician should always be learning and that we have a responsibility to pass on our craft to others, particularly young people. I teach in several primary & secondary schools in London; I’m always refining my approach to teaching, with an emphasis on helping students to develop musicianship and collaboration skills.

I have also worked with Trinity College of Music developing the bass guitar exams for their Rock & Pop syllabus, launched in 2012.

Original Music

Khiyo is a London-based British-Bengali band that gives Bengali heritage music a modern acoustic sound. Our debut album is available now on CD from khiyo.com, with a digital release following soon.

The band is named Khiyo after a letter of the Bengali alphabet. It is a unique letter that, whilst being a combination of two letters, has an identity of its own. Similarly, though the band members have backgrounds that include Western classical, rock, jazz, blues, Nazrul Sangeet, Bengali folk and Indian classical, the amalgamation of the whole has a singularly identifiable sound.

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